Industrial heavy-duty steel pole ladders

Suitable for frequent use in tough environments and built with larger profiles & stronger materials to provide more resistance to heavy use.

With its TuFF design, built for the even harshest of industrial environments, The TuFF Steel is a speciality product created for use with scaffolding and comes available in lengths up to 8m*.

With users’ safety LFI’s priority, we’ve manufactured the TuFF Steel from cold-rolled, precision-engineered steel with a hot-dip galvanised coil – inside & out. This process guarantees a maximum strength to weight ratio and offers maximum resistance to corrosion. Its coating is more durable than any paint or epoxy alternatives – you won’t need caps to hide any rust!

The TuFF Steel also comes with a non-sparking finish. This allows you to stay safe when working in highly flammable environments. Plus, with a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty, your guaranteed toughness that lasts.

  • Speciality product for use in Scaffolding only
  • Fully conforms to the requirements of TG20:21
  • Tested to EN131:2015 + A1-2019, EN131-2:2010 + A2-2017 & EN131-3:2018
  • Rated to a maximum load and duty rating of 150kgs
  • Galvanised steel handrail also available
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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