2020. A Year in Review



LFI Managing Director, Ben Walker gives his thoughts on the previous year, and what’s to come…

So, after a record year for LFI, can you sum-up why you think these past 12 months have been so special?

This year has really shown the strength, and resilience of not just the LFI team, but the relationships we have with key suppliers and customers – persevering through the intense uncertainty and pressures caused by both the global pandemic and Brexit. As a UK manufacturer of access equipment, we have been fortunate to have seen strong demand for our products. We’ve been determined to maintain continuity for our market whilst providing a safe environment for our Team too.

Do you have any predictions for 2021, how has the year been so far?

It’s been a fantastic start to the year, our key customers continue to perform strongly, and we are picking up new business weekly. We are maintaining a key focus on further enhancing our current range and developing new products too, whilst growing our brand recognition, and aiming to improve our position in the marketplace.

As LFI looks to the future, what key goals would you like to see achieved?

Despite an unpredictable 2020, LFI had a record year, which we attribute to the strong relationships we built with our customers and suppliers. So far, we are expecting 2021 to be even better too. We are currently targeting double-digit growth again this year, whilst still maintaining our core values around quality, availability, and customer service. With the LFI team, we’ve got a great base to be able to achieve this.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Having a proud 73-year history in this industry, we are very proud of everything we have achieved so far. However, our history serves to only drive us on each day, to keep innovating and to keep up our culture of continuous improvement. We’d also like to thank our customers, and suppliers for their continued support. As the restrictions ease, we look forward to inviting our existing and prospective customers to LFI Head Quarters – and maybe even the pub… fingers crossed! 

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TuFF Steel – Industrial heavy-duty steel pole ladders

Industrial heavy-duty steel pole ladders

Suitable for frequent use in tough environments and built with larger profiles & stronger materials to provide more resistance to heavy use.

With its TuFF design, built for the even harshest of industrial environments, The TuFF Steel is a speciality product created for use with scaffolding and comes available in lengths up to 8m*.

With users’ safety LFI’s priority, we’ve manufactured the TuFF Steel from cold-rolled, precision-engineered steel with a hot-dip galvanised coil – inside & out. This process guarantees a maximum strength to weight ratio and offers maximum resistance to corrosion. Its coating is more durable than any paint or epoxy alternatives – you won’t need caps to hide any rust!

The TuFF Steel also comes with a non-sparking finish. This allows you to stay safe when working in highly flammable environments. Plus, with a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty, your guaranteed toughness that lasts.

  • Speciality product for use in Scaffolding only
  • Fully conforms to the requirements of TG20:21
  • Tested to EN131:2015 + A1-2019, EN131-2:2010 + A2-2017 & EN131-3:2018
  • Rated to a maximum load and duty rating of 150kgs
  • Galvanised steel handrail also available
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information please visit britishladders.co.uk or email info@lfi-ladders.co.uk.

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PRo LoadStep – The safest way to access a lorry bed


The Safest way to access a lorry bed

Having created the PRo Range to offer the best combination of lightweight design and durability, specifically for the professional who needs to depend on their equipment, the LFI LoadStep has been designed to offer maximum durability and comfort when on the job. With its heavy-duty 35mm serrated D-rungs and a 4-way crimp & swage design, access to lorry beds has never had a safer access solution.

It has with a wide 3mm thick 5 bar chequer plate platform made from aluminium that has been BS2037 Class 1 industrial design tested to a maximum load of 175kg. This gives the stability, strength and durability needed to stay safe.

The LoadStep also comes with a sliding mechanism, allowing the platform to adapt to laden and unladen lorry bed heights, a single handrail with 2 locking settings, and an integral locking strap to allow the LoadStep to be secured to your vehicle whilst in use. Need a choice of heights? No problem. The LoadStep is available in two standard sizes covering bed heights up to 1.4m, and with bespoke sizes available to order.

  • The sliding mechanism allows adaptation to laden/unladen lorry beds
  • 5 Bar chequer plate provides stability, strength, and durability
  • Supplied with an easily installed bracket, padlock, and chain for secure storage
  • Robust BS2037 Class 1 industrial design tested to 175kg maximum load
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information please visit britishladders.co.uk or email info@lfi-ladders.co.uk.

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TuFF Board – Guaranteed toughness to last



The LFI TuFF Board remains the UK’s number one choice for staging board applications, making use of its strong, durable design whilst remaining lightweight. In addition to this, allowing this product to be serviceable ensures the total life cycle can be maximised by allowing replaceable boards and other components.

LFI are a family-owned company based in Gloucestershire and have been making access products for over 75 years.

Available in standard sizes across two widths, bespoke lengths can be manufactured if required – please enquire for more information.

Our post and handrail systems are available from stock. Either as the purpose-built ‘L’ shape post and bracket to fit specific LFI boards by width or the Universal post and bracket (pictured) which can be used on either size.

  • The TuFF Board is available up to 7.1m length
  • Choice of two widths – 450mm or 600mm
  • Replaceable boards – keep working for longer
  • Optional handrail systems available
  • Certified to BS2037 Class 1
  • 270kg distributed load rating

For more information please visit britishladders.co.uk or email info@lfi-ladders.co.uk.

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